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I’m passionate about a variety of things, including using creativity day-to-day and living in the midst of a challenging environment. I’ve had a variety of jobs so far, each one adding an ever-lasting and valuable footprint on my past. I can’t say I’d be the person I am today without the experiences I’ve had – I’ve been given many opportunities to grow and I hope to continue doing so for many years to come.

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, doing a variety of hobbies and brushing up on some of my novice skills. I like to play computer games and definitely lean towards being a technophile. I enjoy some aspects of pop culture as I try to keep myself informed about what’s going on in our world today. It’s because of the ever-changing variety the games industry brings that makes it so appealing to work in. I’ve had the privilege of hearing many established people in the industry talk about their own experiences and how much enjoyment can be found in that (often unpredictable) variation.

While I’ve worked in a number of industries, I originally started out my upper-education thinking I would be an English teacher who moonlighted as a teen-lit author – I still love creative writing and try to dedicate some of my free time to that. However, I’ve also found new creative outlets and have made a lot of new contacts through “geeky” conventions – I even go so far as to create costumes for myself and others to show how passionate we are about certain fandoms.

I’m always on the hunt for new challenges and ways to expand my repertoire of skills; this can be done through a job or hobbies I pick up along the way. Repetition is comforting, but a new challenge every day is what will keep me interested in life and allows me to prove to myself (and others) just what I’m capable of doing.

After so many years doing so many different jobs, I like to think I’ve found my niche in programming, but also would like to stretch my creative wings through game design. While I’m getting comfortable with C# and Unity, I’m also expanding my knowledge by dipping into C++ and using that with Unreal Engine. It’s a fantastic journey that I’m excited to be on and I’m sure there are so many more things to keep learning!

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