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Moving Madness, 2017

Made in: Unity2D

This game was a labour of love for our college program, made by myself and another student, to be shown at the booth our school was going to have at Insomnia61 in Birmingham last year. It was an interesting test to see how well we could handle making up an original game that would work on mobile devices.

Although the project started off with a half-dozen other students, the group dwindled in attendance until there were two of us left. Therefore, there was only one programmer and one artist for the whole thing. It took about two months to make, since we only worked on it a few hours a week amongst all our other school work that was going on. However, it was brought down to Insomnia61 and we were told it was well-received. There were some kinks in the game design and mechanics, which one day I hope to return to, but it’s a game at MVP (minimum viable product) level.

We had our initial sketches to guide us, where we played around with different mechanics, but the basic gist of the game remained true:


I learned a lot from this project, doing a lot of research into Unity’s physics system. I was wholly reliant on using it to form the tumbling tower mechanics. At the same time, we needed to give the player a small helping hand by increasing the friction of items once they stack together. I also called upon my novice experience with instantiation from lists to show the current furniture piece the player could finger-drag, but also what pieces would be next so they could plan their gameplay tactics (much like one does in Tetris).

A link to some of the scripts on GitHub:

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