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Sonar Slalom, 2017

Made in: Unity2D

Sonar Slalom was really the first game I worked on outside of my course’s required material. The team and I completed it for the Global Game Jam 2017 competition, which had the theme of “Waves,” and we were quite happy that we had a very basic, but nearly complete side-scrolling 2D game.

I did all of the programming in Sonar Slalom and helped with the original game design concepts while we were brain-storming ideas. We ended up being a team of 4, where the others worked on the animation and graphics.

As a result, I learned a lot about C#, basic coding practices, and much more:

  • Scene management: creating a menu system, multiple UI elements, and moving between parts of the game (main menu, credits screen, gameplay, etc.)
  • Instantiation and asset management: integral to the randomising the level each time it’s played, based on a library of assets made by the artists
  • Scoring: pick-up bonuses and basing the score on time survived, as well as showing the end score on the lose screen

A link to the GGJ 2017 site that still has the game to download:

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